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HDR photography tutorial

I originally wrote this tutorial for Photoshop CS3, in the years since then, Photoshop has gotten a couple of big upgrades in the HDR area, and we are now at Photoshop CC. iphone case I have also learned a great deal more about the subject, so I decided it was time for an update.

What is HDR and coque huawei p20 lite metallica why do we need itI n this tutorial we will take a look at HDR photography. HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) was originally used in 3D and is now in full force in photography. Basically it the process of taking multiple exposures coque huawei ascend g6205 and merging them together into a single 32 bit image. Let me explain:

A camera is capable of capturing a limited amount of tones in a single photo (we call this dynamic Range, the range of tones that can hold detail between pure black and pure white). Typically we sacrifice elements in a photo when coque huawei y6 2018 bts we set the cameras exposure. We meter for the most amazon coque huawei y7 2019 important part of the scene. For example let look at the series of images I shot at the Bradburry building in Los Angeles. The center image is a typical exposure, showing an average metering to produce the most detail possible. Notice that the detail outside the door is lost because it too bright. Also the detail on coque huawei p8 lite fée clochette the stair rail is lost because it too dark. When you are at the location, you are able to see all these detail with your eye, this is because the human eye can see a larger range of tones than the camera can capture on the sensor or film in a single photograph.

The solution is to take more than one photograph and bracket the photos. Shoot a normal exposure (center image), then under expose (left) to capture the highlights coque huawei p8 lite football outside the windows and over expose (right) to capture shadow detail. Finally, merge these photos together to produce a single image with a larger range of tones that can now show all the details in the shadows and highlights.

This tutorial will show you how to complete this process with the minimum fuss.

This tutorial will work for all versions, including CS6 and HDR in Photoshop CC. In Photoshop CC Camera Raw was added as an option, and Lightroom 6/CC can now merge HDR more coque huawei mate 20 pro darty about that here too.

I have also just added a tutorial on HDR in Camera Raw (Photoshop CC 2015)(See bottom of this page coque huawei p8max for an updated HDR resource list)

Tips for photographing HDRFirst we need to capture our source images with our camera. coque huawei Technically you will need to shoot a minimum of 2 photos with different exposure settings to create a HDR. I personally get good results from 3 shots. I like to over expose and under expose by 2 stops each. I know this is a bigger bracket than some people are comfortable with, but for the type of HDR images I like to create (cityscapes), this works great. aurstore coque huawei p20 lite If you shooting people, you may want to reduce this to single stops.

Sometimes you need to capture more than 3 exposures. It really depends on how much contrast is in your scene. coque samsung For the example of the Bradburry building, I captured a series of Photographs inside a dark building in Los Angeles with a sunny day outside a glass window. I needed 7 photots with 2 stops apart in order to capture the entire dynamic range of coque huawei honor 8, spigen that scene. You might be able to capture a lower contrast enviroment such as coque huawei p8 lite dragon ball a foggy day in a single frame. coque samsung But once again, for the majority of HDR photography 3 shots are usually perfect. I set the camera for Auto Exposure Bracket and 2 stops + and. Make sure that you only change the shutter speed. If you change the aperture, the depth of field will also change, producing unwanted blurring in your final composite. Use protection coque huawei p10 lite a tripod if you can, otherwise support yourself on a wall or solid object to reduce movement coque huawei mate 20 silicone between frames.

Note: For real HDR, you shouldn use a single raw image and exposure it several times as some people suggest. This is unnecessary, as you can use the Shadow and Highlight recovery and adjustment brush in Camera Raw or Lightroom to bring out the same amount of detail in the photo. Also there has been misinformation circulating, using the term coque huawei p20 lite arrow Image HDR This is known as pseudo HDR. coque huawei You can get HDR(HIGHDynamic Range) from a single SDR (STANDARDdynamic Range) photo. It like speaker stereo the digital informaition just isn there. You can apply a tone mapped effect to a single image for a grungy feel. It psudo HDR, but not to be confused with true HDR.

For more details see the full 4.5 hour videoHDR and Photoshop

HDR in Photoshop tutorialStep 1Start with 3 images. One normal exposure, the second underexposed and the third overexposed. In this case I used 2 stop bracketing. As I shoot a lot of city scapes I can get away with 2 stops, because I mainly shooting flat surfaces and banding and posterization isn such a problem. If your shooting rounded and curved surfaces you will want to lower your bracketing to get smoother gradients, although there is a lot of overlap already in the tones as a decent DSLR camera can capture around 11 Stops of exposure.

I set the bracketing on my coque huawei emui camera to 2 stops. Then I set the shooting mode to burst. When I hold the shutter down, 3 photos will be captured. I shoot in the RAW format for the widest possible dynamic range. You can still create HDR if your camera doesn support RAW, but bear in mind a jpg is only an 8 bit file.

Make sure you shoot in Aperture Priority or in Manual. You want to bracket the exposure time, not the Aperture. If you coque huawei p20 lite bleach change the aperture, the depth of field coque huawei p10 fortnite won be consistent and you get blurring. Also avoid any moving subjects in the photo or you get where something is only in one frame and will appear very strange in the final. If you look at the three image that I used here, the middle image has a lot of detail. However, the details in the shadows are lost in coque huawei p20 lite tournesol the boats and the city lights are too bright and lose detail information. The left image is under exposed to pick up the details in the highlights such as the buildings in the background. The right coque huawei p9 eva l09 hand photo is over exposed by 2 stops to pick up the detail in the shadows, such as the hulls of the boats and water reflections.

Step 2Time to merge the photos together into a single 32 bit image. (Note:You can now do HDR in Lightroom 6/CC, tutorial here)

Choose File>Automate >Merge to HDR Pro. coque iphone This works on Photoshop CS2 CS6 (CS2 Doesn have auto align and it called to HDR on versions older than CS5). Choose either images or folder. I organize each set of photos in its own folder so I used the folder option. coque huawei Select your photos to merge. Turn on Auto Align in Photoshop CS3+. ebay coque huawei p20 Click OK. (Photoshop uses Auto align technology that even allows you to create HDR coque huawei 360 without the use of a tripod!)

Step 3Your images will now be merged into a single photo. You can turn off individual photos by un checking their boxes on the left filmstrip. If you get some blurring caused by camera shake in the longest exposure, you may want to turn off that photo. If there is ghosting because of movement, click the box: Remove Ghosts.

(When the mode is at 16 or 8 bit you will see settings like this, if 32 bit is selected, it will look like step 4)

Step 4The merged result is a floating point 32 bit image. Change the mode to 32 bit. You can view the available tones by sliding the White Point slider. Note, this slider doesn change the image, it is there for you to examine the range of tones, because a monitor is incapable of displaying all the tonal detail in a 32 bit file all at once.

Note: In Photoshop CC there is a coque huawei p20 porte carte new option. Toning in Adobe Camera Raw This option isn in CS6. coque huawei p8 lite jeux video If you are on Photoshop CS6 and lower, jump to step 5 right now.

If you are on CC and the Toning. button is turned on, you won be able to move the slider. Click the option off and you will be able to move the slider and continue with the rest of the tutorial just like in CS6.

However, when the option is turned on, you will be able to use Camera Raw for the Tone Mapping instead of the HDR Pro settings. In this case, skip to step 8b.

However, I recommend learning both methods as they each have merit. The HDR Pro tone mapping (step 5+) will give you more control and enable you to create a surreal effect as well as powerful HDR controls. ACR (Camera Raw) has the advantage of being able to do very realistic HDR tonemapping coque huawei p20 antichoc 360 without too much effort.

Step 5You could do your tonemapping right now if you like, but I like to save a 32bit negative. Click OK to merge the photos into a 32 bit image. Now is a good time to save your file.

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